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A personality assessment?  When you are looking for work, the potential employer has limited information from which they can ascertain whether you are the best candidate for the position.  A personality assessment can edge them in the right direction.


With Skills Cafe, we offer and highly recommend you take our personality assessment when completing your profile.


But, why?


1. Certain jobs require a certain type of personality
This will help you and the recruiter to know whether you can handle the job at hand. You may even find, after taking the test, that you don’t suit the vocation you have chosen. Time for a career change!


2. Your strengths and weaknesses can be flushed out
You may think you are strong in a particular area, but often through such tests, it is revealed you arn’t. You may even surprise yourself to find out where you really are strong in. Identifying your strengths and weakness can help you to narrow down you job searching and also help you to build on where you need growth.


3. Social interactions can become clear
If you are not good with people in general, you may want to move your career line into another direction, if you currently deal with many other humans. We can’t all be expected to be the bell of the ball, the cracker in the firecracker, and the pin in the cushion. On the other end of the scale, you may just be putting yourself down by not interacting more with others.


4. Learn to love yourself
Through a personality assessment, you can learn loads about yourself. And, in doing so, can be a better person overall.


5. Learn to love others
On the flipside, you will learn to appreciate others and learn how to get on with them better.


At the end of the day, anything you can do to better your chances of securing that perfect job is worth it.  And, you may just learn something about yourself in the process through a personality assessment.
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