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We have all been there – sifting through mountains of CV’s with the view to finding that perfect candidate. After CV number 10, we are ready to pull our proverbial hair out. But, did you know a personality assessment can make all the difference?

The recruitment process is made all the more harder because most people’s CV’s are not easy to read, with information literally dumped onto the pages, but we don’t really know what those candidates are like. We don’t know what their personality fit is, we don’t know what they like and dislike, and we don’t know if they suit the job spec they are applying for. Education and experience is one thing, but when you get right down to it, a person’s personality can be the make or break.

So, how can one remedy that, bar interviewing almost all the candidates?

A personality assessment!

Here is why you should be insisting on a personality assessment for each and every one of your candidates applying for a position.

1. Certain jobs require a certain type of personality

It’s no secret that certain jobs require a certain kind of person. Let’s take the obvious – an accountant. There are particular trademarks that all number crunchers have and while most may think if you’re good with numbers you can be an accountant, most would be wrong.

When it comes to working with teams of people, it takes a certain kind of dynamic to handle this. If your position calls for you to run through a series of mundane but necessary tasks every day, then you have to be able to perform those tasks well and consistently. Not everyone is adept at doing that. A personality assessment will help you find that perfect fit.

2. Strengths and weaknesses become apparent

Nowadays, the cut and paste technique of hiring people is out the door. One size does not fit all, and so employers have to be looking at more than the basics. They need to look at what it really takes to perform that position. They need to know what strengths they require that person to have to perform well. Are there weaknesses that can be overlooked, or would those weaknesses bring the company down? A personality assessment can fish out just what you need and make it abundantly clear what you don’t need.

3. Social Skills or Desk Jockey?

While we all need to have a small semblance of social skills, some jobs don’t really require you to be the social butterfly. How will you know whether that person fits the bill or not? Are they needed to liaise with customers on a regular basis? Do they need to go out to functions often and make small talk? Or, can their role be fulfilled behind a desk and computer?

4. Company Culture

By having a potential new employee take a personality assessment you can ascertain what kind of company culture they prefer and whether they would fit in with yours. Today, especially with millennials, this part is vital. While you are not there to cater to the whim and needs of your employees on all levels, it is better if they fit in with your way of doing things.

Personality assessments are a dime a dozen but signing up with Skills Café will take that chore away from you. If you find a candidate through our platform that seems to match all your needs, you can make doubly sure by insisting they take a personality assessment.

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