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You may think it premature to be thinking about 2020, but if you are a professional you should have a 5-year plan. And, that means that 2020 is only a year and a pinch away.  Have you thought about your skill set?


When it comes to your skill set, has advised that there are 10 you need to be adding to your arsenal by the year 2020.



1.    Complex problem solving.

2.    Critical thinking.

3.    Creativity.

4.    People management.

5.    Coordinating with others.

6.    Emotional intelligence.

7.    Judgement and decision making.

8.    Service orientation.

9.    Negotiation.

10.  Cognitive flexibility.


This list makes sense, right? Given the day and age we live in and will live in by 2020. But, is it enough to give you the edge you will need by 2020?


Besides the soft skills needed, consider other ways to build up your personal and professional brand.

What Extra Skill Set Options are there?

Investing in yourself

There is merit, as we have always been told, to invest in yourself. This can be done by signing up for diplomas and degrees, or you can go simple and apply for online courses. Any which way you decide to increase your knowledge base is good enough. Just remember to apply the knowledge you learn.


Communicating clearly and concisely

We are not islands and that means we need to communicate with others at some point or another. And, it is in the communicating that many of us go very wrong. A wrong word. A misused sentence. And, we can mess it all up. So, learning how to communicate clearly and concisely, across all mediums is key.


Get tech savvy

It is part of our lives – Tech – and if you are not stepping up to the tech world then you will be left behind very quickly. From effective project management platforms to digital hardware, are you utilising all that is available to make your life easier and more accessible?


Speed reading is key

It may seem like a skill set for an attorney, but nowadays there is so much to read, and we just don’t have time. So, learn to speed read and take in just the essential bits of information.


Note taking can help you cope

When it comes to retaining information, most of us forget it in the time it takes to walk across the room. Using effective note taking skills can aid you in remembering facts and dealing with the digital age of information overload.


Be a trendspotter

Knowing when a good thing really is a good thing can be a skill that is learned over time. But, if you read a few key books around building and growing businesses, you will soon see that there are a few key elements to follow in order to spot a great trend


Are you ready for 2020?


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