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It may seem obvious that workplace ethics is important, but you would be horribly surprised at how many companies do not instill a sense of conscience in their employees conduct.


And, by not having their own set of ethics, employers will find that their staff will either bring their business down or leave eventually. And, you don’t want either one. So, take heed of why it’s important to have workplace ethics.


  1. Legal Eagle

It can be very easy to not only break the law in the workplace but also to simply act unethically.  When going the easy route means not towing the line on a legal front, many will think it’s okay.  If you do not lay down the law in your business and show your employees that you do the right thing all the time, you are setting them up for disaster.  Make it clear from the start that you have a zero tolerance for bad ethics, from “borrowing” the stapler for their kid’s project to treating the cleaning staff badly.


  1. Happy Employees Happy Customers

Employees are happier when they are treated well, and not only by their superiors, by their colleagues too.  And, when you show them that treating each other properly is better for everyone, you will land up with much happier workers.  Happier employees’ equal happier customers.  It’s a simple fact. Customers want to deal with happy people, so ensure yours are ecstatic!


  1. Productivity Levels Rise

Have you ever sat down to a project whilst feeling angry and just down right … well, down?  Has that project gone well?  Did you finish it on time?  Was the outcome good?  Most likely not.  When you are upset or not feeling your true values are met, then you mostly don’t perform at your best.  Having a set of values within your business will help employees realise their own values, and this then comes back to company culture.  It is vital that the employees you take on fit in with your company culture, and your values.  If those are in alignment, then you will have happy and productive workers.


  1. Decision Time Made Easier

We put quite a lot of pressure on our employees to make decisions that will affect the image of the company and the financial revenue too.  If you have not shown them what ethical behaviours are important within your business, then how will they know they are making the right decisions?  When the stress levels are high and crucial decisions need to be made, people can panic, and land themselves and the company in serious hot water.  Teach your people how to handle stress and how to arrive at the right choices, not only for your business but for themselves too.


If you find that you haven’t communicated your set of values and ethics within your company yet, don’t worry.  It is never too late.  Take a moment to really think about what ethos you want to portray to the world, what values are non-negotiable, and then sit your staff down and tell them. Some may not agree, some may walk out, but the ones you really want, will stay and make it work.


At Skills Café we believe wholeheartedly in workplace ethics. Do you?

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