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You’ve heard it said – what happens online stays online, well its true.  Preserve your reputation online!

Ensuring that you don’t ruin your reputation for life means taking care what you do online. When it comes to recruitment and furthering your career, you want to keep your wild social life off the radar. You are a walking, talking brand. Protect it with your life.  While you may have already posted pics and words that could be damaging, there are ways to remedy this.

And, from there, once all is cleaned up, ensure you keep you preserve your reputation online ongoing.

Ways to preserve your reputation online –

1. Search your name online
You may think the normal ones will come up – Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, but you will be surprised to find yourself on YouTube (oh, yes, that party at James – who posted that?!) or even that Snapchat image taken with your bestie last New Years! Make amends to delete what you can and quickly!

2. Set Google Alerts
This will then tell you when you pop up online. Schedule these to a odd gmail account so as to not overload your inbox.

3. Tidy up your existing personal profiles
Make sure your info is uniform across all platforms and that all “naughty” pics are removed.

4. Block others from posting to your profiles
You may be squeaky clean, but others may not be. Change your settings so that no one can post on your profile or tag you in.

5. Be vigilant with ensuring your personals stay personal
Check often to ensure that your records are clean, much like you would with your tax and credit record.


It’s important to preserve your reputation online, so get to it!

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