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Most times, even after rigorous interviews, in depth research into backgrounds, and skills assessments, one can still land up with the wrong candidate.  They fit the bill in every way but they don’t fit your company culture.  It can be a very frustrating process but one that can be remedied.


There is something to be said for someone fitting the skill set, but today, we want our staff to fit our company culture.
Company culture is made up of an owner or owners ideals and values. It is was fuels the company and it is important that your employees agree with these and follow your methodology.


So, how can you ensure you get the right person?

Through a Personality Assessment!


A Personality Assessment or Culture Fit Assessment, as its being referred to of late, can help you ascertain what traits a person has and whether they fit into your preferred culture.


A few examples of questions that are asked in a Personality Assessment, are:


  1. Is your preference to work alone or within a team?
  2. If asked, how would others describe the work style you have?
  3. Would you say you are a risk taker?
  4. Do you form relationships quickly within a company?
  5. How do you deal with rejection?


Through Skills Cafe you can have a select few candidates complete a Personality Assessment through our easy to use App.


This way, you are one step ahead of the game in knowing whether you have the right person or not.


Our Personality Assessment is just one part of our amazing package.  We have many other Skills related assessments, all fueled by powerful software.


If you want to know more then keep in touch with us to find out when our App will launch.  You, too, can be part of the future of recruitment.
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