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The interview process can be tedious and frustrating, and very often can land you up with no fruitful candidates.
What could be the problem?
Perhaps its your interview skills or lack there of?
Here’s how to interview with focus and get your man (or gal).


Don’t wait till the actual interview to find out about your candidate. Do a little research before – from LinkedIn to Facebook – from references to Googling their previous employers, you can find loads out before you even see them.  This will help you prepare better and be on a more beneficial footing in order to help you perform a better interview.


Take a good look at their resume. Have they taken the time with their resume? Does it look like it was professionally collated or at least set out with you in mind? Or does it look like a dogs breakfast?  An easy to read but focused resume is what you want.  If the candidate hasn’t taken time with the one document that could sell them, then they probably are not very serious about the position they are applying for.  It may not be worth it even getting to the interview level if their resume isn’t up to scratch.  Know what you are looking for.


Besides the obvious interview questions, include some behavioural feelers. Behavioural questions work around how the candidate would react in certain situations. Sometimes these could be trouble shooting, emotional, cultural, sexist, racist, etc. These questions do depend on what your concerns may be and what your company culture is all about.  Pull these questions into the interview in a subtle way. Don’t make it obvious that you are asking them behavioural questions or it may become awkward.
By be prepared and structuring your interview well, you will have better chance of sussing out the right candidate.  Make the interview process work for you and after doing it a few times over, you will feel more comfortable, and it will go much quicker.
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