How to ask for a job – without actually asking for a job

Why don’t we just ask?

We pitter patter around the situation. We do all the right things and when it comes to asking, we back down.

It isn’t easy to ask – whether you are a child wanting something from a parent, a salesman wanting the sale, or a candidate wanting the job, we just can’t seem to ask for it.

Take a think about these pieces of advice and get ready to pop the question:

• Speak to the right person

Don’t waste your time with those that cannot make decisions. Your ask will prove fruitless if you don’t ask the right person. Go to the top and its best to find out who that is before you even get to the interview. LinkedIn is a great place to start.

• Get that Elevator Pitch just right

When you’re asked just why you deserve the position you better have a short and sharp answer. That answer can be pretty much like the end result question. Practice it, over and over again and make sure it sells you and all your skills.

• Don’t forget what it is you want

Make sure you keep the end prize in mind. Everything you do and everything you say needs to take you a step closer to achieving your goal. Your goal is to get that job.

It’s not easy, we get it, but the worst you can get as an answer, is no. and, that’s not so bad, right?

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