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We have all had a horrible boss in our life. Its the one that stays with you, even long after you have left. One can take lessons from such terrible bosses.


1. The “Ja” Bru

He or she is the boss that always says yes, but when it comes to the crunch, they act as if they never agreed to it.


Never say yes unless you absolutely mean it and will follow through. There is nothing worse than empty promises. It breaks down your integrity standing and generally people will begin to doubt all that you say, and won’t trust your word.


2. Selfish Sally

This horrible boss wants you all to herself and won’t let you work with anyone in another department.


You cannot grow if you are isolated. We need others and in fact, we do a better job when collaborating. So, don’t make someone an island.


3. No, No and No

On the one end of the scale we have the “Ja” bru but on the other we have the boss that says no to everything, to your ideas, to a raise, to time off, to just everything.


Always be mindful of others needs and thoughts. To deny all the time is to break down the morale of someone, and people dont work well when trodden down all the time.


4. Boastful Bob

Horrible boss number 4 takes full credit for all that others have done and makes a big pelava about it too.


Give credit where credit is due. Team work is essential and if you keep taking the congratulations for a job well done, when you didn’t do it all yourself, you will alienate everyone.


5. Its Your Fault!

Yeah, we have heard that before, but you thought you left it behind when you and your kid brother or sister used to play. If your boss always blames you, then you are sitting in a bad spot.


Don’t play the victim! Look within yourself to see whether you are in fact the one who should take the blame.


You don’t need to be a horrible boss!
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