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If you want talented workers you have to look at how you are attracting them.  It is as important for a job seeker to be cultivating their offering as much as it is important for a company to ensure they are attractive.

When it comes to the world of engineering, you want to make sure you attract skilled engineers.

This is how:


Is your brand appealing?  Not only to your target market but to potential employees?  Where is your brand displayed?  Is your website up to date and written in such a way that your brand message is clear and concise?  Is your LinkedIn page reflecting your company culture? Do the words across all platforms speak to the skilled engineer?  Would they want to engage with this company? What is your vision for the company? Talented engineers want to know that they will be joining a forward-thinking company where scope and growth are possible.   Do your words reflect that?


Very often the job description isn’t clear and you end up interviewing loads of candidates that just don’t suit the offering and your company ethics.  Make sure the job description is written in such a manner where the engineer will know exactly what it is you are looking for.

Make sure the advert goes out on all the right platforms, LinkedIn, PNet, Indeed, and others.  You can also make a vacancy page on your website and put out social media posts to lead the right engineer there.


For that perfect engineer, you need to be also putting your feelers out.  Do some homework and hunting.  The good engineers are generally not available and most are not looking for work, so you won’t find them easily.  But, that is what you want.  You want them to be occupied with good jobs.  Yes, poaching is what we are talking about.  The best engineers are in good jobs already.  Is yours better?  If so, then contact them directly and of course, discretely.  Use the right language when approaching them.  You want to come across in a manner that doesn’t make you look desperate but rather particular.


While you are not looking for an English grad student, the language they use needs to sit well with you in terms of the job at hand.  The engineering lingo needs to be rich and you will soon know whether they are fit for the position or not by the way they communicate.  Do they know what they are talking about?


To avoid time wasting, do a video interview first. There are many mediums – Zoom and Skype to mention a few.  You can get a good idea of the candidate before you take the next step to a face to face interview.  Have your interview questions listed in order and make sure they answer them all.  Record their answers so you can go back later and analyse.


It may be hard to get an engineer to take a test or even work in your business for a month – but if its possible, set up a project where they can show off their skills.  This really can be the perfect way to see if this engineer is right for your company.


Sometimes a really good quality engineer will decline your offer and that is actually a good thing.  If they are easy to jump for the first offer then something is amiss.  An engineer who knows their worth will do a bit of a haggle with you.  Be prepared and that means making your first offer decent but not the golden egg.

Highly qualified and experienced engineers are not that easy to come by so taking a bit of time to find that right one can be very worth it in the long run.


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