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It has become more important than ever before to develop strong soft skills in the workplace.

What are Soft Skills?

Those skills that are more about you as a person and are often called professional skills. While they can be learnt, much like their sister set, hard skills, most often soft skills are something you are naturally good at.
Some of us are good communicators, others are great at solving problems. Some people have a knack for picking up when something is wrong and finding solutions, others are better at dealing with a team.

Why are Soft Skills important?

A study showed that corporates were overlooking graduates degrees and marks, and rather looking at what they could offer in the way of interpersonal skills, such as leadership, trustworthiness, and emotional intelligence
While hard skills are vital when it comes down to the nitty-grittiness of performing a particular position, without soft skills to go with it, the candidate was pushed to one side.
Besides helping you to land a good job, having soft skills can make you a more pleasant person to work with and aid the longevity of your career.

What are the 5 soft skills employers are looking for?

1. Great Communication Skills
Being able to get your message across effectively can be one of the best soft skills you could have. Many a badly communicated message landed a person in a dire situation
2. Time Management Skills
We all struggle with managing precious time and so being able to make the most out of the available minutes in a day so to be as productive as possible, can help you in so many arenas
3. Hard Working Skills
This may not seem like a soft skill but it really is. And, most times, it cannot be taught. You either have a good relationship with doing work or you don’t and erring on the side of the latter wont fair well for yourself or the company you work for
4. Flexible Skills
Being able to adapt and bend to changing situations and environments will stand you well in the business world
5. Team Player Skills
One cannot work alone all the time. There is always an element of team in every profession, so learning to work well with others is key to growing within yourself and within a business
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