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Skills Cafe is changing the landscape of how great staff find great positions

By using the power of the smart phone, users will be able to find that perfect job or an amazing staff member from within a single, powerful app

The future of recruitment goes live in


Just a few of the amazing features
 you will find in the app

Get vetted ahead of time

The Skills cafe App will allow you to pre vet yourself making it very easy for employers to shortlist you.

Find staff fast!

No more middle man slowing things down. Find pre vetted staff on demand from your phone app.

Find a job fast

Employers can view your profile in the app and contact you for an interview immediately. 

Find staff in your area

The Skills Cafe app's geo location function allows you to look for staff in a radius around your address. 

User friendly

No more website logins and and remembering passwords. An easy and intuitive interface makes using the app a breeze.

Powerful search options

A powerful search algorithm lets you find candidates with the right skill mix and with verified references and star ratings.

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I need this in my business.

If you are tired of paying exorbitant recruitment fees and wading through candidate after candidate and still not knowing if you are hiring the right person then Skills Cafe is for you. 

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